Sunday, August 31, 2014

Affordable Full Frame SLR for 10$-30$

A lot of people new comer who want to have a hobby and learn the photography for the first usually their will be looking for the best of best camera that they can buy it in the market. The bigger the megapixel, bigger body, smaller digit name or big lens make people think that's the good and powerful camera that people want to buy it, but somehow all those thing cost you a lot of $$$ to have all the equipment if you want to have a good gear. Many people don't realise what they need and the philoshpy about photography.

Not many people know about film camera nowadays and usually it's not practical to be used on the daily photo, but this camera film it won't cost you until 500$-3000$. You can get like around 10$-300$ you can get a good full frame SLR analogue or semi-modern SLR that it already enough for you for just taking for hobby or the fun of it and do you know all the film camera analogue or semi-modern SLR already Full frame that usually for digital camera cost you 3000$+++, and the dynamic range colour that you can get from film is huge and wide tonal that you won't get from digital SLR.

Most of the semi-modern SLR already have auto focusing system and good metering also and the good thing also all the modern lens like canon EF lenses or Nikon lenses and Minolta lenses (sony alpha) you can used it on this camera SLR. The button and all the operating system of the camera is basically simple and just focus on taking photo and giving time to exploring the imagination of us.

Maybe this one of the sample of the photo that I took from my Eos 300V with EF 50mm and EF 24mm lens using Tudor film:

Back again when we are know more about the meaning of photogprahy and enjoy the moment of taking photography we could give the feeling and know about what we love of it, and not base on the gear that you have.

search on your garage or from your old family camera that probably you still have it.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Keretakan dalam sehari-hari

     Banyak hal yang aku kadang bingung dengan perilaku setiap teman-temanku yang mempunyai karakteristik yang bermacam-macam dan idealistnya masing-masing. Emang itu keanekaragaman manusia ya, kalau tidak begitu mungkin isa jadi Robot. Tapi ada halnya ketika suatu rumpun grup tempat biasa berkumpul untuk menghilangkan kejenuhan selama bekerja. Cuma terkadang di setiap grup pasti ada seseorang yang cacat (dalam artian bukan secara fisik), di musuhi, di omongi, dan di agung-agungkan di dalam komunitas tersebut. Tapi ketika dalam grup itu sudah terkandung politik dan kubu, itu yang kadang membuatku harus mulai menjaga posisi di setiap teman yang harus di ajak bergaul. Apalagi setiap orang mempunyai pemikiran dan caranya sendiri untuk mempertahankan peryataan dan tanggapan mereka. Cuma ketika seseorang itu sudah mulai main belakng, dan tidak bisa bermain bersih jadinya di grup itu sendiri jadinya serasa tidak nyaman untuk di ajak berkumpul kembali.  Sesungguhnya kalau kita bisa berpikir secara dewasa dan mecari jalan tengahnya sih, sebenarnya masih bisa di musyawarahkan lah.

   Sepertinya manusia ketika mulai pada titiknya akan mencari suatu yang dia mau dan sama halnya diri kita untuk menentukan jalan yang kita mau bidak yang juga sekitar kita juga memantau pergerakan satu sama lain. Apakah pertemanan di saat-saat umur dewasa ini apakah masih ada yang murni?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ended the this chapter and start new chapter of my life

Not much I have to say, maybe just the feeling that I already put it on it I must over it. However it ended with a bad ending, but other wise this's I must choose to start a new beginning of my new story. A lot of thing that I was learn and know what I'm still missing. No body is perfect as most people have a lot to say. Take it slow and easy to set the setup for my life in the future.

The beginning of this new chapter perhaps have a lot of challenges and interesting thing to be solve and know. I'm just hoping everything gonna be alright and have something the excitement that I'm gonna get from what I have been chosen this way. This is what the mystery that we never know what gonna happen but just prepare what you wish and what you get.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The New film Impossible Project PX680

Here some of the new result of the Impossible Project PX 680 film. It really impressive that they came out with a brand new chemical that more stable and the color more accurate with the previous film ( even the previous one already good). I'm just hopping that Impossible Project always bringing us a new and spectacular innovation with the chemical for the polaroid film and keep survive in this Digital world era. The character this film bringing is more yellowish and have some purple color a bit. This color it really suit with how a retro camera or classic film bringing out. The bad thing about this film just you need to be patient to look at the result. I think I need around 10-20 minute to see the result. Quite long to be patient to look at the picture, but at the end you will say WOW!!!

 Tips: I test with this film my SX-70 with ND filter glass attached on front of my camera. First thing that you need to know that this film a bit different with the previous PX 600 or PX680. This new film if you using SX-70 and have ND filter on it, when you want to snap a picture need to remember to turn the exposure wheel into a 1/3 or 1/4 to black side. This film a bit brighter if you put in middle wheel. This what I experienced with some several shoot that I took.

Overall result it's impressive that's all I have to say.

This one I tried it with the middle exposure

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tips and Trick Lomo LC-Wide for Hyper Vignetting

Big Giant Tree Ancestor 

It's almost a year I'm using Lomo LC-Wide for becoming my partner to capturing my everyday moment. I'm always happy using this camera for a simple camera with only 2 focusing distance and with full of trick and I can go experiment with this camera. There's a lot of trick that with can do and have fun with it. This's one of the Tips and trick that you can do with Lomo LC-Wide. I tried some trick that I was curious with it, is it possible I to doing it or not.

Sanur Fishermen Jukung

I was trying to make a Hyper Vignetting or easy way to understand is a heavy black corner if you don't know the term. It's quite easy way to doing it. First time I was tried with my friend LC-A by try to close the lens protector a bit and try to shoot it and it wasn't want to capture. Then I tried with my LC-Wide with no film attached and It's work. Then tried with film and go out for hunting and explore with the trick. It came out with an amazing Vignette that I got a really black corner. Just try to close 1/3 or 1/4 your LC-Wide protector with a Full frame size frame then just snap it. The more you close the lens protector the more black you get. You won't get this effect from others camera.

Have fun to try, and is it work please give me some your photo link that you have try this trick. If I got more tips and trick using Lomo LC-Wide I will be happy to share it with you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gonna Make some Short introduction of How to process B&W film

This happen when I looked at my instagram friend photo which showing a photo of B&W film package, and he needed to know how to process it. Somehow that film it can be process it by ourself that what I thought, so I told him to process it by him self with the some type of chemical that used to prcess the film itself. It's a bit hard to understand from him, because he haven't know yet how to process it. I decided to give some short video how to process it later if I got some free time.